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Please submit an online application on our website or WhatsApp on 07944 886 532
Yes, depending on the course, there are age restrictions. Also, for certain courses, you must be able to read Arabic and understand English.
Normally 24-48 hours except during holidays.
The children's classes take place from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM Monday to Friday, whilst the adults run from 7 PM onwards till 9:30PM. The classes on week weekends start at 10:30 AM and conclude 9 PM .
The classes are taught in English primarily whilst utilising some Arabic. In the second and third year, teachers also use Arabic and Urdu. Please note that the books are in Arabic, however, Arabic is not a prerequisite.
The relevant books for each course will be made available and furthermore, any worksheets will be provided.
The fees for the course are paid monthly with the option to pay in cash or bank transfer.
Sunni College offers a scholarship programme to all undergraduate/post-graduate students studying Arabic, Islamic Studies or any similar degree at university.
Financial help is available, after assessment, for those students who require it.
At the present time, they are not. We strongly encourage all our students to be present for all live sessions in person since we believe the company of a teacher is extremely important to acquire knowledge. However, we understand it may not be feasible for some of our students to attend all classes in person. That is precisely why we endeavour to provide recordings for each and every class with interactive online classes to be made available in the near future.
Each class is recorded (audio) and made available so you can access it through the student portal. Furthermore, the instructors are available to assist outside of class time also.
Once enrolled, you must simply attend your class.
Questions can be directly presented to the instructor in the class or via email (which will be provided upon enrolment).
All exams and tests will be conducted within Sunni College.
Not necessarily, but you must complete all classes of a complete Aalim course year and successfully pass the examination before advancing to the courses for the subsequent year.
This course is based on the traditional “Dars e Nizami” syllabus and has been adapted for English speaking students living in the west.
You will receive report cards at the end of each semester. Also, you will receive a certificate of completion of the course along with a transcript of all the courses you have completed with us.
One will need to clear all courses in order to complete this course.
The semester schedules can be found on our website
We encourage students to work together, our instructors are available to help outside of class without any additional cost.

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