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This form is to be completed for all participants by the parent or guardian of the young student or the adult students' themselves. I understand that whilst the staff will take every care, they cannot be held responsible or liable for any incident or accidents that arise out of unforeseen circumstances or the unreasonable behaviour of any student or others in the party. I understand that if any student's behaviour is unreasonable then he/she may be withdrawn from the College/Academy and the staff in charge will not have any responsibility thereafter for the student. Please note the students are not supervised outside the College/Academy premises or lessons.

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Please view and read the Sunni College/Academy Rules and Regulations or ask a member of staff Please note that the activities within the Academy carry a negligible risk, however, the staff will treat the safety of students and teachers within the class as being paramount to any other consideration.


Do you consider yourself to have either a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of persons your age or a disability which may prevent or hinder you from making use of the facilities at the institute?

If Yes, please tick next to the disability:

I certify that the information given on this form is accurate. I understand that some of the information on this form will be stored on a computer and may be passed to Government Agencies if and when they require. I give (my son/daughter) permission to take part in the classes and any other supervised activities organised by the Sunni College/Academy.